Book Review: The Prayer

“The Prayer” is a short poem, reminiscent of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl.” Its set at Christmastime, assumed to be in the 1800’s, and follows a homeless boy as he explores the comfortable and ample settings of the more fortunate.The poem itself is tenderly written, with well-conceived rhymes that avoid the obvious or cliche. While not the most original idea, it’s still an important one and author Stephan Myers adds his own unique take. While I find that stories which follow this type of resolution usually strike me as being manipulative, “The Prayer” doesn’t fully cross that line with me, and still presents a message that should be listened to by those who need to hear it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations as well. They added a wonderful dimension to the overall experience of the poem. I was only able to enjoy them in black and white and I know they would be that much more wonderful in color.


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