Book Review: Nexus

“Nexus” is the story of the titular spaceship, captained by the sarcastic Captain Anderson as he leads the crew from planet to planet, negotiating trade agreements and dealing with the various issues that arise from command.

Nexus is a character heavy, dialog driven story as the strength of author Nicolas Wilson is his ability to write witty and sustainable dialog. Overall, the style is bawdy and wry as the captain’s usual mode of communication is through jokes and insults to the other crew members – who respond in kind which makes for one zinger after the other.

The story is simple: pilot the ship from one planet to the next in compliance with the duties of the job. Those who wish for a faster moving plot might get bogged down as much of the situations are the captain moving from one conversation to the next. But, as I stated before, these conversations are a humorous back-and-forth that develop the characters in great detail and present a fertile set up for the future books. It’s a fun romp that ends with the captain and crew having progressed from a seemingly shallow existence to one of great depth and potential.

The only nit-picks I can come up with are the many modern day pop-culture references that are used, which I question whether they would be remembered or even relevant so far in the future. Even so, they made me smile. The book is told first-person through the captain, but at one point it switches to another. It’s a logical switch, but even so it was jarring and a challenge to adapt too. Plus, it was so short that it made me wonder if it was even necessary – but again, that’s just a nit-pick and didn’t detract from the enjoyment at all.

If you enjoy a rich sci-fi story, filled with jabbing, sarcastic humor, Nexus will be just right for you.

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