Book Review: Beneath the Willow

“Beneath the Willow” is a creepy short story about a young man who loses his girlfriend to a vampire attack … or does he? Even though this is a short story, author Gemma Farrow manages to create an atmospheric and compelling narrative.While the very beginning may have belabored the grief of the main character, Thomas, it soon picks up and relates the events through a series of flashbacks inter-cut between current events that is very effective, and strings the reader along through the mystery without losing them.

There are moments of genuine creepiness and honest emotion wrapped around two very well developed characters for such a brief length.

I normally don’t care for short stories, because they usually force me to take too much for granted, and leave me with more questions after I’m done than a satisfying ending. There is none of that here. The world and situation is detailed, logical, and wraps up on an appropriately dark note.

If you want a quick, eerie read “Beneath the Willow” is an excellent choice.

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