Book Review: A Shot at the Big Time

Behold the Super Hero, resplendent in shiny costume with bold, vibrant colors. Beware the evil Super Villain, cloaked and dark. They face off over the city in a mighty battle to defend the cause of right, or to wreak havoc on the denizens below.From the bottom looking up, it sounds glorious and epic. But is the life of a Super Human all it’s cracked up to be?

“A Shot at the Big Time” is a wry and satirical take on the Super Hero genre by Christina McMullen.

We are brought alongside Lisa who spends her days in Maxima City, at the bottom of the corporate ladder in the IT department. However, she happens to be one of the residents of that city gifted with a super power talent, and works in the company owned by one of the city’s biggest villains, known as Malevolents. At night, Lisa dons her “Mal” alter-ego “Frostbyte” to engage in nefarious activities and match talents against the members of the Liberty Gang.

Frostbyte has one goal, to face off against the city’s most popular hero: Magnificent Man and exact revenge for a childhood trauma. But getting such an A-list hero to notice a mere henchman is harder than it appears.

But, when Frostbyte finally gets her chance to join the upper echelon of the Coalition of Evil, she feels her chance to confront Magnificent Man is within her grasp … if only there wasn’t so much paperwork! What’s her brand going to be? How long does it take to get an appropriate costume? Who pays for all the damage done to the city after the fights?

Frostbyte quickly finds that the view from the top isn’t so black and white as it first appears, but filled with shades of gray on both sides, and a lot of committees.

“A Shot at the Big Time” is a very fun read and filled with delightful, sarcastic humor. If you enjoy stories where the real world invades the fantastic, then I recommend you give this imaginative story a read!

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