The Biggest Adventure on Earth Waited at the Bottom of the Ocean

In 1968, a Soviet nuclear missile submarine disappeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A furious search by the Russian Navy revealed no trace of their missing ship. However, unbeknownst to the Soviets, the US Navy had discovered the watery tomb of The Red Hammer.

Should the US Navy manage to recover the submarine, the intelligence held within could tip the scales of the Cold War in their favor. However, strange data readings are being recorded from the ocean’s floor—readings that don’t correlate with any known phenomena on Earth.

Holt Cook, a former underwater explosives expert, is recruited to join the salvage mission and lead the recovery effort for the US Navy. Joining him is Dawn Myers, a professor of exobiology and expert on the extraterrestrial.

Together they attempt to unravel the mysterious demise of The Red Hammer, but will they be ready for the extraordinary encounter that awaits them lying two miles beneath the surface of the ocean?

Inspired by a true event, The Glomar Encounter is an exciting science fiction adventure about the most audacious salvage operation in the CIA’s history.

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"Aliens in the Gift Shop" follows two extra-terrestrial scientists who have arrived on Earth for their first reconnaissance mission: to study and gather information about human society and interaction. Due to a miscalculation in their environmental data the mission is a complete disaster. While trying to salvage their assignment, they discover that they have brought with them an object that is vital to the survival of their planet. This discovery unwittingly puts them, and the Earth, into the interstellar cross-hairs of their enemies, who will stop at nothing to acquire it.

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